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  • What happens if Nestperpro antivirus program finds a virus?

    Ideally, you wish your antivirus software to clean the infected files or take away them completely.

    How it does that will be dependent upon that program you have got put in however, in general, most security software can try {and|attempt to|try to} move suspicious files into a quarantine area to fleetly eliminate the chance of an infection spreading. Once there, the software will probably give you the choice of attempting to remove the infection or simply deleting it altogether.

  • Will Nestperpro antivirus software slow down your computer?

    Whenever you run a scan, particularly a thorough one, the program can use processor cycles to get the task done. If you happen to be running different programs at an equivalent time that, between them, are using an important quantity of process power, then you will notice some slowdown.

    Overall, the impact ought to be negligible, particularly if you're using a modern pc, however, some antivirus programs are larger resource hogs than others. fortunately, that's one thing we cowl in our in-depth antivirus reviews.

  • what is antivirus software anyway?

    An antivirus program (AV) is a piece of software designed to protect your desktop computer, laptop, netbook, Mac or mobile device from malicious software (more commonly referred to as “malware”).

  • Can I transfer a license to another computer?

    Yes. If you're no longer using your Nestperpro license on one computer, you'll activate the license on another computer and use your Nestperpro product for the rest of the subscription period. However, you can't use one license simultaneously on more than one computer.

  • Do I need to uninstall existing virus protection software while installing a new one?

    It’s always good to uninstall existing virus protection software while installing a new one, because many antivirus programs, while being installed, won’t install if they detect existing antivirus software on the system.

  • Would it be OK to use more than one virus protection software at a time?

    It’s always better to use only one antivirus program as using more than one could take up much of system memory. It’s also advisable to use only one antivirus program at a time since experts feel that having two antivirus programs could lead to conflicts and file corruption and may even make blocking virus ineffective.

  • I have lost my license code, how do I retrieve it?

    Please email us the order number/reference number of the product and the email id you used at the time of purchase to support@Nestperpro.Co we will mail you your license key/license code.

  • Why should I update my drivers?

    Drivers are utilized by manufacturers to repair problems related to hardware devices and make sure the best compatibility with the operating systems. without the latest drivers, your hardware devices could encounter stability issues and stop working properly. an outdated driver may also produce security vulnerabilities and enable hackers to infect or access your system and private information.